How to Win In Online Roulette

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Roulette, you would have never guessed it, is a French word, and it means “A Small Wheel”. The game comes from France, of course, 18-century France, no less, and is believed to be a fusion of English, Italian and French board games of earlier origin. It is indeed a game of chance, and it was stated that it offers “glamour, mystery, and excitement” to casino-goers.
That it does, with one little NB that I offer you on behalf of all online casino games reviewers.
When it comes to online roulette for real money gambling, it is usually a good idea to stay away from games based on pure chance and stick to those that offer as much control as possible over the process. For obvious reasons. All of Roulette’s numbers summed up, both in the American and European versions, give you a total of 666. You have been warned…

How Online Roulette Works

As the wise man once said: “No-one wants to know how the clock works. They just want to know the time!” So, without wasting any more time, let’s quickly go over the how-to and get to the most interesting parts of this online roulette review, like can get a secret advantage and whether it’s completely random.
Everyone knows the Roulette is played with a wheel with black and red numbers on it and a Zero (that is a double Zero for our American partners). You can exchange cash for chips which are then placed on the table layout, and exchange them for cash when you win. The wheel starts to spin with a small ball running on its surface, the dealer (sometimes called the croupier) gestures or speaks out: “No more bets” and, as the ball slows down and comes to a stop, when it lands on a particular number, the winner collects.
If you bet on a single number (straight bet) you get the highest potential payout (obviously, it’s 35 to one). There is a wide spectrum of other kinds of bets possible, like betting on four numbers, which will net you an 8 to 1 winning ratio, or bets on vertical columns, and the least risky bet you can make is an even bet, which is placed on an odd or even number or on black or red. That, accordingly, means a two to one payout.
A 4 number bet is called a Corner bet, a 6-number bet is a Pack, a bet on three consecutive numbers is a Street – but again, the clock comparison. The only thing to note here is that, thanks to the American penchant for danger, in the American version of the game the house edge is twice as high thanks to the double zero (which, yes, destroys your winnings also).

How Are Online Roulette Numbers Generated

There are rumors that four black & seven red almost always go together within twelve spins. Roulette yourself go, as it were. However, if there was a reliable winning system everyone would have been using it and winning, so I suggest that things with online roulette odds are more complicated. The story is more complicated, but this is the easy part:
Aiming for an easy online roulette win? There is no way whatsoever to predict the numbers. The only safe way to minimize the bets, as the experts say (more on that a couple of lines down), is to reduce the amount you bet.
There is one winning strategy, however. Everyone that used it never lost anything at a Roulette table. As you probably guessed, that was because they reduced the bet amount to zero. As Alan Bustany, Former Associate Director at Pricewater House Coopers, MA Pure Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, Trinity College, Cambridge, states: “The only real way of making money on a casino is buying their shares.” Alas, that is the only way to not lose. As the French say, he who does not risk does not drink champagne.

Are online Roulette Games fair

Are there any feasible online roulette strategies? Blaise Pascal, the inventor of The Roulette, was supposed to have come up with it as a random number generator to begin with. So it would make sense, with no visible way of influencing where the ball would go, that it would fall completely by chance onto any pocket.
But is there more to the story? Albert Einstein once said that “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” And there was good reason for that. With numbers 1-36 on the board you would get a 50-50 chance of winning or losing if you bet a dollar on an odd or even number or black or red (same principle applies to all other ways of betting, but this is the simplest example).
At the end of the night, if you look at it from the point of view of science, given that the ball falls completely randomly, you would win as much as you would lose. That means that, technically, these are good odds for you but not for the casino, because you lose as much as you win and they have to pay for the rent, bills and staff and win more or less nothing.
However, when you include the zero, the chances of you winning fall, because now there’s now more of a probability of you losing, and even a higher probability with a double zero. That means that the house edge, which is the advantage the casino has over the player, is 2.70% in European casinos and twice that in the American venues. So the answer to the question is – no, it’s not really fair.

Never Forget

These are a few online roulette tricks you must bear in mind:

  • Unlike Blackjack, Roulette is completely accidental and has no logic, accountability or reliability to it whatsoever. Play responsibly. This one is not the time where you can fight The System and win.
  • Make sure you find a reputable casino that uses a legitimate Random Number Generator for their wheel.
  • Budget responsibly and never, under any circumstances, bet everything on that one roll (although, of course, that temptation is astronomical, but, please, refrain from it).