Internet casino


So, you play casino, but you wish to increase prize size. You like any the Internet-casino and you wish to receive bonuses from it once again, and perhaps you wish to try to “shake” a casino which does not start up inhabitants of the CIS? Here some thoughts how it is possible to try to “deceive” a casino.

  • Multiaccount
    If you enjoyed playing at casino, and you wish to receive a bonus on the first deposit in it once again you can try to get there one more account (sometimes use the term multiaccount – some accounts in one casino). By casino rules, bonuses are offered only once on the house, a family, the computer etc. That is you cannot be registered two times, make the deposit from one card and receive twice bonuses. What to do? The best variant is to involve relatives (friends). Give out to relatives (it is desirable living on other address) money and ask them to open a card. They open a card and give it to you, you use the address, a name, a card of relatives for registration in a casino (do not forget also about new e-mail the address). From them it is required to receive and cash only checks (you and cashing in can incur, having issued the power of attorney for the sum of an order 100 rubles). If you do not have people in whom you are ready to trust can try to get to itself a new card, as much as possible having changed the a name and a surname, and also the address (in the sense, the new passport to receive it is not necessary, simply a Latin it is necessary to write in another way). This variant is, of course, much less reliable (especially in those casinos which demand documents).
  • What it is necessary to make? It is necessary to be assured, that you cannot trace on IP to the address, and also will not find out that fact, that you play from one computer. On IP to the address the problem dares simply – use different internet texas poker providers, or even simply provider with dynamic IP addresses, it is enough of it. With the computer too special problems are not present: the most reliable variant – to play from other computer, the variant with other winchester will perfectly descend, also it is possible to establish on one winchester some operational systems and for each account to use the, establishing a casino in other catalogue. If absolutely with a place on a disk or a casino to reinstall problems the reluctance it is possible to try to find out a place where the casino writes the information on the player. Having removed record in the register, you can try to be registered on a new one (consider, that old your account in a casino “will thus be forgotten”, fortunately, not for ever).
  • Casino where do not accept inhabitants of the CIS
    If you wish to break in a casino which does not accept representatives of your country here all is much more difficult. If you wish to try to register and receive non-depositary bonus that is such variant: at registration to specify as the country «Other» (another), and in the column a city, for example, to write «Moscow, Russia». Fairly I warn probability, that such variant will pass also to you it will be possible to receive even the minimum prize – close to zero.
I recommend the following variant: the friend or the relative, but this time – living abroad again is requifred to you. Now many leave abroad for study, work, on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE so chances to find the suitable person are great. You give again money; ask to get a card and to send to you necessary scanned documents (it is desirable that the acquaintance had the foreign rights in addition to the Russian passport). Then it is possible to be registered and play a casino, for reception of money it is possible to use a card (but then your partner should cash checks) or an electronic purse, is better Neteller. Unfortunately, at Netellerа very severe system of safety. They demand a call (or call) at account opening so it is necessary to involve the friend. At each calling the IP-address so without a proxy of the necessary country (and it is possible also cities) on site Netellerа to come is fixed it is impossible. Well and for a conclusion of money the help of the owner of the account most likely is required.

However it yet all. The matter is that all casinos (at least, the basic systems) check IP the player and on it define the country. Some casinos at all will not register you, having found out IP Russia and if will register will very quickly close your account (money, most likely, will return, but it is better not to risk). Whether it is possible to deceive a casino and to replace IP? It is possible, but for this purpose you need to take advantage of proxies-servers. At once I will tell, that if you given the scheme it is necessary to look and esteem the information on the Internet, probably interests, to visit specialized forums on a proxy. If it is short, you have some variants (this that that is known to me): To buy access to VPN, there are the sites offering a monthly subscription for $10. But the choice of the countries is very narrow, is frequent only the USA.

To use a socks-proxy (free or to find paid). Download and will install program SocksCap or its analogue, adjust and start a casino from under it – the guaranteed anonymity. To use the usual anonymous proxies supporting a method connect. These are usual http a proxy, but they pass socks-inquiries so the result is similar to use of the socks. Again – таки it is necessary to use the program of type Socks2http for casino start. Unfortunately, proxies with support connect are rather rare.