Huge Bad Bet Jackpot Hit on Cereus

Poker veteran finally makes good. It has been a while since a poker bad bet jackpot was hit on a Cereus Network but mid-week saw a veteran poker player finally getting a massive windfall to the tune of US $807,543.95. The lucky poker player who goes by the name Emilie14 beat his opponent Peace2UAll by losing his Jack-high straight flush to Peace2UAll’s Royal Flush. It was a stunning reversal of fortunes.

In Emilie14′s case, his table loss translated to some $270,843.03 while his main opponent got an additional $132,904.14 for winning the latest round. Two other online casino players who were dealt their hands individually took home $2,678.25 based on the bad bet rules. Fifty-seven other players got lucky with $1,678.25 for playing at the other tables playing the bad bet jackpot rules. To qualify for this exciting and unusual poker jackpot rule, players should be playing at specially declared tables for that purpose. To sweeten the jackpot, an additional 50 cents is collected at every round until the jackpot is hit.