Casino online, demand and supply

Online gambling is growing in popularity day by day, and turnover in the gambling industry is constantly increasing.

Different countries all over the world conduct regularly sociological researches, and some of them give information about the virtual life of people. In Austria and Germany there is less than one third of people of the total number of Internet users, show lively interest to online casinos and poker rooms. On the average these countries’ citizens spend only 50 Euros a month for playing online casino games.

In 2002 only 2% of the population of the UK spent time in an online casino, and in 2004 the number of players increased by 10 %. Even in the South African Republic, a standard of living of which does leave much to be desired there are fans of online casinos. About 250 thousand of Africans play in online casinos in a regular basis. At present in the USA there are over 1,500 websites that serve hazardous Americans. In 2003 the online gambling income was $5 billion. This statistics speaks in favor of the gambling development on the Internet.

Many people who have decided to gamble online choose an internet casino randomly, thereby endangering themselves to be simply cheated. To find an online casino with good and stable reputation is rather difficult. But if you have luck and have managed to find such a casino, the chance of getting good emotions from the time you are spending by playing on the Internet will sharply grow. All established online gambling venues in the market do not want to spoil their reputation which they earned by hard work, so their reliability is guaranteed.