Online Blackjack Game: Play For Money

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Playing online blackjack for money beats every other online casino game hands down. Statistically you win 48% of hands, so the game is pretty reliable, which in the world of casinos means quite a lot. It is calculated that the stats for winning three hands in a row are actually very low (14%), so if you really know what you’re doing, are able to adopt a good strategy, this is the go-to place for making a steady and reliable income. This online blackjack casino review

If you’re as unsure about online blackjack as I was at the beginning, or just returning after another continuing infatuation with another one of our games, here’s a quick refresher/introduction course for complete beginners. There are 52 cards. Whether you’re playing blackjack for fun or even something as serious as playing to make a living, I want you to know you’re in the right place: online blackjack is the recommended place if you’re going to learn how to get serious about making money at casinos.

How to Play Blackjack: The Steps

Here’s guide how classic online Blackjack for money basically goes:

  • Make your bet ($1, $2, $5 and so on).
  • When the cards are dealt to you, choose Hit, Stand, Double Down or, in the case of a pair, Split. Remember, it’s you against the house so be cautious at all times and try to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • When a player stands it means he stops taking cards at the beginning of the game.
  • When a player hits, he takes more cards.
  • After doubling down after the dealing of the first two cards, you only get one more card. That. Just to be thorough, means doubling the bid.
  • Splitting means that each card of a pair gets an equal amount of your bet and they are played independently.
  • The cards from one to ten are valued at their number (and the suit has no relevance to the value), Jacks, Kings and Queens stand at 10 each, with the exception of The Ace, which can be counted as either 1 or 11 depending on what makes sense at the moment. For instance, if you’re dealt a 7 and an Ace you’re more likely to count it as an 11 because it gets you closer to 21 – more on that as we move on.
  • Your aim is to hit as close to 21 as you can. In that you have to b careful because once you’re over 21 you go bust and lose.
  • If you win a higher score than the dealer, you win. For example, if he has a Queen and an eight he’s got 18 points, and you have a Ace and eight, you represent your Ace as 11 and win because then you have 19. That’s a very basic example of strategy: in this case if you chose your Ace’s value as 1, you would have lost.
  • Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you, double up or quit, double stake or split –it’s the Ace of Spades! Getting an Ace and a ten will get you an astounding instant win. Unless, of course, the dealer gets the same, and then it’s a draw.
  • Whatever online Blackjack odds, the payout strategy is pretty simple: you usually get a one-to-one payout. Bet $10, and if you win, you get $10 back. Hitting blackjack with your first two cards means a 3 to 2 instant payout. The game can have a size cap of anything up to $50 000, blackjack tables usually seat 6 players who are handed out cards from left to right.

A hand that features an Ace and counts for no more than 21 points is called a Soft Hand. This would be a hand like Ace and 7. A Queen and two Fives is a Hard Hand. A Hand can be hard with an Ace if it counts as 1.

How To Win In Online Blackjack?

blackjack game
This question occurred to anyone who’s anyone in the business playing online Blackjack. Obviously, there is a science to all casino games, and a near infinite field of research done on the topic, mostly in the area of hi-end maths speculations on probable outcomes and some very complex graphs. I’m even sure I saw a mention of Schroedinger’s cat, but I wasn’t sure whether it was there or not. The truth is, you don’t need to read Integrals or Stellar Quantum Physics at Stanford to have a good strategy at Blackjack (although I see how that would help), but a good strategy definitely helps. There is a lot of debate going around in terms of Blackjack’s numerous intricacies, and it all boils down to this.

An online blackjack strategy, in this case the online blackjack basic strategy, is an optimal way of playing and, if done correctly (this is the important part, and that includes sequence), will overall net you more wins than losses. That is an overall win. If you follow the strategy, you may lose short-term, however, in the long run it pays off: if you use it a thousand times, you will win more than you lose. There are variations of these strategies, plenty of which you can find around one the Net, and we recommend using one of them to gain tangible results.

How To Win More In Online Blackjack?

Last but in no case least, Blackjack is a skill-based game. The best you can do, really, to maximize your chances of winning is to keep getting better and better and to pay careful attention to the rules and likely outcomes. Bear in mind these:

  • Usually it is a good idea to hit on 11 and less, and stand on 17 and more.
  • Buying Insurance is usually a bad idea, and the money is sure to benefit the house.

And remember that mostly you will lose, which is normal and statistically viable. Adopting a good strategy will help you win more than you lose in the long run.