Fountain Of Youth

Fountain Of Youth Slots

Fountain Of Youth is a Slot, which has 3 reels, 3 paylines and 8 winning combinations and is powered by PlayTech software. It is based on the theme of Paradise and the symbols which you can meet in the course of the game are: Fountain of youth, Flower, Frog, Butterfly, Bird. The atmosphere of the game is really fulfilled with delicate sounds and odorous flowers, like in Paradise.

In this slot game there are no such complications as wilds, wild multipliers or scatters. Bonus features are also not provided.
The top jackpot offered in this slot game is 800 coins (for that you need 3 Fountain symbols on the 3rd payline). The second highest payout is 600 coins (for 3 Fountain symbols on the 2nd payline). The third highest payout is 400 coins (for 3 Fountain symbols on the 1st payline). The other payouts drop to 250 coins and below. You can also find your appropriate coin denomination from the offered range: $0.05, $0.1 ,$0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5.00
With 3 coins as the largest bet you can ever make, thus, your bet can reach the figure of $15.
The mode of Free Play is also available to you.