bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is the multi line slot with the sea based theme of the mysterious disappearances of the airplanes and ships. The game has three reels, 5 paylines and 11 winning combinations

This PlayTech gamble is good for the players with the different budgets, because you can choose the coin denominations (from 5 cents to 5 dollars) and the number of coins you prefer to play. Hence the size of the bet, if you play max 5 coins per spin, varies from 25 cents to 25 dollars. Playing max is the right decision, because each coin activates the next payline. The top jackpot you can get is 1,000 coins and you have it when you hit the combination of three boats on the fifth payline. On the other lines you will get from 600 to 400 coins for the same combination of the symbols. The next high prize is given for three sea planes, this is 150 coins, all the other payouts are between 100 and 10 coins.

If you wish to get the top prize, it is obligatory to play max, in other case you just get nothing for the main combination of three boats on the fifth line.